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What is PR?
Public Relations is all about storytelling. It is a tool that can be used to drive business growth by creating powerful narratives around your brand, image or company. It is strategic communication that impacts the way you are seen, and felt, by getting the right message across to your intended audience. Good PR can help you build a solid reputation, great PR has the power to completely reinvent and transform your brand image.
When and Where does PR work best?
If you’re launching a start-up,a solid PR strategy is critical for attracting attention, building momentum and positioning your brand. If you’re an entrepreneur or corporate boss,who is looking to build professional credibility, or needs a fresh perspective in telling your story. PR can serve as a catalyst to push your brand forward, by leveraging insights to brand building and storytelling. If you’re a lifestyle brand launching a new product or running a campaign, a well executed and cohesive PR strategy is also an essential tool in your communication arsenal. You get to increase brand engagement with audiences and re-iterate or modify consumers' perception of your brand. If you’re a large organisation, you need timely PR analysis and recommendations to help facilitate stakeholder relationship management, that builds goodwill, enhances trust and transparency.
Why Do You Need PR?
You have a story, and you need to tell it. Every entrepreneur, company or person has a why, what, where and how behind every product or service they offer. People love to feel a sense of connection to stories, well crafted PR presents these stories in a compelling way that draws audiences in by capturing their attention. Good PR helps you control the dialogue and sets the tone and the pace of your story. You need a harmonious business identity that inspires trust. PR is the ‘voice’ that amplifies your brand identity and purpose, it lets your customers know how best you can meet their needs. The messaging across your ecosystem of stakeholders may differ depending on the intended audience , but Good PR helps you tie it all together by building on consistent narratives that reflect the core values, objectives and ethos of your brand. You need to build relationships that strengthens your brand. Connection is the heart of PR and should be the heart of a good business. Building and maintaining relationships in unique ways supports and strengthens the brand in ways that paid marketing does not always accomplish. A good PR team can also help on the digital front by setting up social media channels that communicate the brand’s personality and connect with its audience.
Do I need a PR firm or can I do my own PR?
Few small businesses can afford a PR agency's full-time services. Most people desire a monthly retainer. You should be able to handle straightforward press releases on your own with some instruction and research. Be sure the agency you choose is familiar with your industry before hiring them. Determine in detail what you are paying for and what you will receive in exchange for your money. Be especially cautious before agreeing to pay a retainer.
What should I budget for PR in terms of time and money?
Getting people to know you and what you do is the main goal of PR. It can enhance perceptions and foster a favourable view of your business. How much money and time you invest in PR, is dependent on your current assessment of your brands’ image, your satisfaction with the results, and how crucial it is for you to enhance it.
Why PR and not Advertising?
Unless you’re a large firm with a big budget for advertising, PR might be a more cost-effective option for you to pursue. Whilst advertising tries to persuade customers to make a decision right now, PR helps you establish and maintain long term credibility, making it a mores sustainable way to build your brand, if you’re a small business. PR gives you the opportunity to establish a more intimate relationship with your audience. While an ad can elicit a direct response from a potential customer, it does not initiate a discussion that can develop into a more dynamic relationship between a brand and the people they serve.
What is CEO Profiling ?
CEO Profiling is a PR & Communications strategy designed to provide high-impact visibility to the CEO with the goal to elevate and protect their individual brand and profile.
What Does CEO Profiling Entail?
CEO profiling entails establishing and maintaining a strong and visible professional profile. As a leader, executive profiling offers valuable opportunities to communicate your organisation’s story, accelerate your career and champion the causes that you care about. One of my favourite examples of a leader who was able to leverage CEO profiling strategies successfully is Richard Branson.
What is Experiential PR?
Experiential PR is a more experience-centric approach that involves face-to-face connections with consumers. This may consist of a variety of PR strategies geared toward immersing customers within the product by engaging them in ways that creates a positive impression and builds a relationship that lasts.Unlike traditional PR which is designed to drive engagement online, experiential PR is all about creating real, tangible experiences. Experiential PR enables consumers to not just buy products or services from a brand, but to actually have an emotional connection with the brand. Experiential PR allows you to capture and retain consumer attention, communicate key brand messaging, and establish emotional connections with your audience. A campaign using this kind of PR strategy may take the form of in-person interactions such as live events; tactile experiences such as retail installations, digital media, samplings and demos; digital media, interactive displays or whatever feels most appropriate to convey key messages.
What is Guest List Management?
Guestlist management refers to the process of curating an intentional list of prospective guests as per relative interests to achieve specific goals. It involves selecting and placing certain individuals/stakeholders with the purpose of controlling the potential value/interest add to the brand.
Who is an influencer?
An influencer is someone with sway over your target audience. They can affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, insight or relationship with his or her audience. This makes them a useful launching pad for brands in search of credibility and social relationship assets with which brands can collaborate to achieve their marketing objectives.
What steps does your agency take to learn about my business/brand ?
At Redrick PR, we strongly believe creativity, and excellent outcomes are driven by insights. This requires that we spend time getting to know the business and brand through a series of discovery meetings. We are committed to learning and understanding your business/brand and the industry in which it operates, inside and out.
How do you measure?
We set out KPIs at the start of every engagement, which are then measured within an agreed timeframe. We leverage a variety of tools to track and assess everything from Google Analytics to brand mentions, media results to social media analytics. We recommend that you measure what matters most to your brand/business based on the goals and objectives that we decide are most important for the short and long term.
Do you have international national media or just national/indigenous?
We have secured numerous press mentions and features with the largest publications across Print, TV, Digital & Radio at the national level for over 10 years. We believe strongly in keeping our clients’ stories at the forefront of national media because those are the outlets that will cover a certain business or brand over and over. That said, we have successfully pitched stories to Pan-Africa and international such publications and outlets as: Tech Crunch, Reuters, Business of Fashion, Forbes Africa, CNBC, CNN Africa, Aljazeera, Vogue to mention a few.
Why Redrick PR?
At Redrick PR, what sets us apart is our desire to provide exceptional value for our clients, our ability to be completely immersed whilst executing campaigns from the start to the finish, in a way that ensures cohesive messaging across all platforms, and the passion we have as a team to ensure your success. Our process is fueled by intelligence, strategy, and partnership.
Do you run international PR campaigns?
Yes, we do. Though we are based in Nigeria, we continue to create strong campaigns for different international brands.

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