Price Range: from ₦200 to ₦2,500,000
Land Area Range: from 10 SqFt to 1,000 SqFt
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We offer advisory and consulting services to developers, investors, and occupants on real estate developments, acquisitions, and projects. We aim to provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of their markets of interest, deep-dive analysis, and execution plans with the aim of achieving strong returns on their capital.

Real Estate transactions are expected to deliver results to its investors in the form of capital appreciation, rental yields, and year-on-year portfolio growth. We leverage our market knowledge and expertise to help you navigate your transactions in an efficient manner, to ensure the intended results.

We commission and utilise research to create solutions across the real estate lifecycle (planning, development, and operational phases) by consistently adapting actionable, intelligent, and multi-dimensional perspectives of the real estate market and its subclasses. We focus on gaining local and global insight into the real estate market and provide the requisite knowledge and information to guide our clients’ decision-making. Our research and development roadmap hinges on an up-to-date databank that covers macroeconomic and real estate indicators to aid our research deliverables.

We offer project conceptualization and redevelopment support via relevant market surveys, and analyses to determine the feasibility and viability of proposed projects. We also provide assistance with transaction structuring for developers and investors by developing detailed development plans and appraisals to include cost projections and funding opportunities.  Contact us Now

We have you covered, for all brokerage services (leasing and sales)to achieve the desired results. Over the last 40 years, we have mastered our craft at finding and negotiating the best rental and sales deals for our clients – property owners, individual renters, and corporates.

Whether you are a property owner looking to lease out your property with minimal hassle; a renter looking for a perfect home for your family without taking too much time off work; or a business owner looking for the perfect office space, you are in capable hands with us.

Our leasing teams live in the local economy and understand the local rental markets to help property owners find, screen, negotiate and secure new, quality tenants for their properties in the shortest possible time. We utilise our extensive database of prospective renters, dogged marketing, exceptional service, and diligent follow-up of every promising prospect to keep your property optimally occupied.

Our leasing services cover residential, commercial, and industrial leasing. View All Listings

Residential Leasing:  We deploy the best resources and marketing tactics when seeking prospective tenants for your property. We take care of all the fine details so property owners can passively enjoy their investments. We are consistently registering new prospective tenants, so often have a waitlist for your vacant or new-to-the-market property before it is advertised.  We also painstakingly sift through available properties to match renters with the right new home that fits their budget and lifestyle.

Commercial Leasing: We provide landlord and tenant representation services,  as well as advisory services.  Our market insights enable us to strategically position owner/investor properties to attract the right tenants and negotiate leases that maximise returns.  We provide comprehensive solutions, guaranteeing tailored  and quality service  to suit your real estate needs across all markets and use classes.

Industrial Leasing: We combine our real estate experience with knowledge of unique issues facing the industrial real estate market to deliver value to industrial lessors and lessees. If you have industrial land and built assets or are in need of real estate-related warehousing, manufacturing, or logistics solutions, we can help you navigate the market to deliver the results you need.


If you are looking to buy or sell property in the cities where we have a presence, or in surrounding ones, let us be your agent.   Backed by our deep understanding of the real estate market and access to an extensive network of buyers, sellers and investors, our expert brokers take the hassle out of the entire buying and selling process.  We leverag e our years of experience with deep asset specialisation to facilitate and ensure a seamless process from initiation to execution. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer care and attention to detail in closing your transaction in record time. Let us Be Your Agent/ View all Properties

We understand the fundamentals of determining the appropriate value of clients’ assets.   Our expertise and experience in a wide range of asset classes including lands and buildings, plants and machinery, furniture and fittings, inventory, and business valuation; and our industry breadth in the hospitality, financial services, aerospace, maritime, healthcare, manufacturing, and public sectors, makes us a formidable choice for independent, quality-assured, research-based and professional valuation products and services.

We provide valuation services for the purpose of sales and acquisition, secured lending, litigation support, real estate, and personal property insurance, due diligence audits,  financial reporting, rental values, and development appraisals, among others.

Our professional valuers are registered with Nigeria’s topmost professional body, the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV), and our approach complies with international best practices and guidelines, in line with the International Valuation Standard (IVS).

Our clients are at the heart of what we do and we make delivering superior customer experience a priority. Book an Asset/Valuation Today

We undertake property development projects that guarantee risk-adjusted returns through our affiliate company, Locke Homes Limited. Our development services cut across all stages of the property project life-cycle – from concept development, through construction to closing.

Our clients have varied needs, so we tailor our solutions to their specific needs. We could either deliver our full-service development package to work with  you from the concept stage or the Project and Construction Management package for your existing development.

We also manage development projects of varying scope and scale; and work with clients to deliver customised solutions that maximise the return on their investments and ensure the best possible performance in the marketplace.

We have a dedicated team of professional Project and Construction specialists who are fully licensed and have direct experience in design, construction, and project management. We are not real estate agents trying our hands at construction projects but will deliver your project to the highest standards to achieve your vision. Let’s Discuss Your Project.

Successful real estate development projects require strong leadership, detailed planning, controls, and effective communication. Our teams of architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, site staff, and project officers always aim to deliver value and quality to clients; on time and within budget.

We manage new builds as well as renovation and repurposing real estate projects of varied scales for private, corporate, and public sector clients; optimising the use of resources to achieve results and exceed stakeholder expectations. We ensure every phase of the project is efficiently managed and our integrated approach allows our clients a single point of contact and accountability from pre-construction to close-out.

We have several accomplishments in the industry. Let us Work With You.

We provide end-to-end property management services for different types of properties – residential housing, multiple-unit apartments, furnished corporate offices, and retail and mixed-use properties. Our innovative business model leverages local market knowledge to ensure each community’s success. We offer lease management and facility management.

Lease Management – Our dedicated team of property management surveyors is committed to delivering a passive investment experience so you can focus on what matters the most to you.  When it comes to getting the most from your built assets and extending their useful life, we handle everything for you.

We  screen for the best tenants, draft and execute lease agreements, ensure proper documentation of renters, facilitate timely rent collection and remittance,  carry out routine and preventive repairs and maintenance, foster good tenant relations, conduct a periodic review of rents to match current market rates, and manage renewal and termination of leases.

Facility Management – Our facility management teams support the long-term functionality, sustainability, safety, and efficient operations of commercial and residential properties in our portfolio. An expertly managed living or work space makes life safer, more productive, and enjoyable.

We provide power, air conditioning, lift, water, security, waste, and grounds management; as well as general building maintenance.

We combine client insights with industry best practices to optimise your assets and give building residents the assurance of their health, safety, and welfare.

Well-managed properties bring continuity and stability to both property owners and users and partnering with us can make all the difference. With us, your property is in the best hands. Get Started Now.

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